Invite only curated gathering of exceptional women


Join thousands of women in 15 cities

Private dinner, private chef, 20 women breaking bread, curated for bonding and laughter. Instant friends in any city. We share the information for everyone after dinner. Members have first preference to dinners. We do include new people who come for individual experiences. 

You are invited to join the group after experiencing at least one dinner. Each city gets together to “Get Shit Done” — the power of women accomplishing a collective goal each year to drive purpose. Additionally, all the women share opportunities across cities to help break through barriers and rise.

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New York
Raleigh, NC
San Francisco 
Los Angeles 


What they think…

Last night was amazing! Absolutely loved the format and location!  Thank you for hosting such a unique gathering of truly wonder women.  It was fantastic to meet such a diverse group of powerhouse ladies uniting around similar issues and new friendship.  I left last night with a buzz of energy excited about all the new connections and ideas that emerged from the evening.

Thompson Reuters, Atlanta

“That was the culmination of magic, personality, intuition and ambition all wrapped up with an amazing dinner, some wine and a great hostess!
I didn’t realize how one night could really re-invigorate my sense of self, drive in career and excitement for the future…. !!”

Newscorp, New York

“This is one of the best dinners. I’m always impressed by what the people around me have accomplished. I always leave laughing, and have made friends for life.”

Mediacom, New York