Invite only curated gathering of exceptional women


An invitation only, curated gathering of truly
"wonder women."

The Wonder Women dinner series started as many glass ceiling breaking women were alone as they advanced. So we gathered women from many paths together to make it interesting and expand their relationships beyond just work. In the last 15 years the women have helped others advance, founded companies together, raised capital. The folks who come to dinner vary - included founders, venture capitalists, heads of innovation, top executives at Fortune 100 companies, all industries, very diverse. The dinner is no more than 20 women, intimate, and fun. The goal is not to swap cards, but to laugh.

After 15 years of trial and error.
The secret: diversity + surprise.
So we do not share who's coming in advance, only after. Trust us that it will be good people. We have not been wrong yet. This helps in your ability to build authentic relationships with someone for who they are not just a title.

We have organically spread to many cities and thousands of women grounded in genuine friendship and support for each other's success.

Founded By Women Leadership Summit &
The Hatchery

Women Leadership Summit is a series of gatherings showcasing women in leadership from government, CEOs, bestselling authors, change agents and more. Making them seen and accessible and inspring everyone as they discover purpose and stature. Taking over Time Square with a 3 day event series of talks as a gift to New York to show what women have done and about to do.

The Hatchery is an innovation group that builds new companies for M&A in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. We basically sit down with the C-suite and solve their problems by building companies. We also invest in companies.


Join thousands of women in 16 cities

Private dinner, private chef, 20 women breaking bread, curated for bonding and laughter. Instant friends in any city. We share the information for everyone after dinner. Members have first preference to dinners. We do include new people who come for individual experiences. 

You are invited to join the group after experiencing at least one dinner. Each city gets together to “Get Shit Done” — the power of women accomplishing a collective goal each year to drive purpose. Additionally, all the women share opportunities across cities to help break through barriers and rise.

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New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles



What they think...

Yao Huang is on a mission to connect the most interesting women in the world. She is doing it, one dinner at a time. Tonight in NYC, women of every background and experience traded stories, discovered “small world” connections, and reveled in what makes us unique. A wonder, indeed, and a wonderful way to build community when we crave it most. Thank you for having me.

Travelzoo, NYC

Last night was amazing! Absolutely loved the format and location! Thank you for hosting such a unique gathering of truly wonder women. It was fantastic to meet such a diverse group of powerhouse ladies uniting around similar issues and new friendship. I left last night with a buzz of energy excited about all the new connections and ideas that emerged from the evening.

Thompson Reuters, Atlanta

"That was the culmination of magic, personality, intuition and ambition all wrapped up with an amazing dinner, some wine and a great hostess!
I didn't realize how one night could really re-invigorate my sense of self, drive in career and excitement for the future.... !!"

Newscorp, New York

"You throw THE BEST dinner parties! I was on a high for a full 24 hours after this event, soaking in all of the drive, purpose and mischievous hilarity of this powerhouse group. I can hardly wait for the next window dressing adventure!"

Oji Life Lab, San Francisco

"Thank you so much for hosting such an incredible dinner series. You have created something truly special and unique here in NYC and around the world. It was wonderful meeting so many talented, brilliant, interesting women. I shared so many connections and funny stories, it is truly a night to remember!"

Princeton University, New York

"I love what you have built with these dinners! We all need to get out of every day networks and meet some fellow amazing women!"

Hera Hub, Washington DC

"What a great group of people; you do an excellent job at building camaraderie and fostering a welcoming space. Thanks again for the inclusion!"

Apple, San Francisco

“This is one of the best dinners. I’m always impressed by what the people around me have accomplished. I always leave laughing, and have made friends for life.”

Mediacom, New York

“The biggest thanks for having me last week - what an amazing group of women. Zero pretense, endless smarts, huge laughs! Last week was one of my most magical nights in Seattle since coming from NY - thanks for making me a part of such a labor of love!”

Porter Novelli, Seattle

“Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful dinner last week. It was a truly inspiring evening with some incredible women. What you have built is so amazing! Thank you thank you! ”

James Beard Foundation, New York

“THANK YOU for curating this group of women that I got to spend an amazing evening with. I think sometimes it’s easy to tell ourselves that we’re fine, we’re understood, we have our tribe - and to fake it till we make it in our daily lives. Being with these women at this dinner however made me feel truly understood from both a professional/corporate perspective and a entrepreneurial/boss lady perspective. I don’t think I’ve ever been so interested in getting to know every person I was in the room with.”

Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Chicago